Many influences come together so a woman or man can become more fully involved in the ministerial life of the church. This personal commitment can be temporary or permanent, partial, or complete. Whatever form this calling may take, a Catholic believes that the Holy Spirit is the source of every authentic vocation. The instruments, the human means, of His work often include the living example of persons in a given church ministry. The full and permanent commitment involved in the religious life and priesthood has long had its place in Catholic tradition.

Making any decision can be a time of special graces and a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to manifest guidance if approached prayerfully. Considering a life in service to Our Lord, and to our brothers and sisters in Christ, as a professed priest, brother or sister is a significant deliberation. If you find yourself in discernment about a religious vocation to the priesthood, brotherhood or sisterhood, you are on a very special journey. Travelers set a course and gather provisions. Trust that you can rely on the Lord as your compass. Attend Mass frequently, have an active prayer life, seek spiritual direction, participate in Eucharistic Adoration and make an annual retreat.

Men interested in entering the religious life as a Brother of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood should contact:
Fr. Steve Dos Santos, CPPS at 937-228-6224 or email is vocation@cpps-preciousblood.org.

Women interested in entering religious life as a Sister of the Precious Blood should contact: Sr. Mary Florence Siefert, CPPS at 937-837-3302 or visit https://www.preciousbloodsistersvocations.com