Faith Formation


Religious Education is recognized as a lifelong process of formation, beginning with Baptism, nurtured in the family, sustained through catechesis and continually fostered throughout adulthood.

We must discover the presence and purpose of God in today's events, in the light of faith, so we can know the missionary needs of the day.

Five goals of Religious Education are as follows:

  1. Catechesis must present itself as a form of evangelization leading to missionary work.
  2. It must be addressed to people of all ages.
  3. It must be based on ancient traditions and form people in faith, personality and all.
  4. It must announce the mystery of Christianity centered in the Trinity and leading to a life of faith.
  5. It must consider the preparation and formation of catechists a primary aim.

(General Directory for Catechesis: 32, 33)


The Mission of St. Augustine / St. Joseph Parish School of Religion is to provide students and adults a spiritual learning environment and resources to help develop and deepen their Catholic faith. It will provide an atmosphere where all can experience God's love through knowledge of Jesus and the Gospel message. Through study, fellowship, worship and prayer, students will be empowered to respond to God's call, "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31)


Education Commission-Their role is to determine educational needs and goals. To develop and review educational programs, strategies, youth ministry and curriculum. To ensure the educational staff has the proper support. To act as a liaison for parents and parishioners by fielding questions, comments, suggestions or concerns regarding education and youth ministry. Those on the commission are Darcee Albers, Ryan Bohman, Eric Belcher, Laura Becker, Tom Richard and Jamie Schmeising.