When the first pioneers of Stallostown died, they were buried alongside the building in which they lived. Due to the rapid growth of the community, a permanent cemetery was necessary, the marking of a stable community. The site was chosen in 1836 outside the village’s southern limit. This cemetery was one of the few Catholic places of burial in northwest Ohio in those early years. Deceased Catholics from a wide area surrounding Minster were buried there as well as the deceased of the parish. The general upkeep of the cemetery is made possible through funds provided by the sale of burial lots. As stipulated by the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, these monies must be used only for this purpose. The Cemetery Fund is therefore a distinct fund, kept separate from the operational budget of the parish. Additional funds for the cemetery have been obtained by a yearly assessment to parishioners. This practice began in 1913 and continues to this day.

Parish Assessment and Cemetery Dues are collected in September of each year. Parishioners who are not current on the cemetery dues are charged additional fees for burial.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a burial plot should contact the Cemetery Superintendent, Jim Hinker at 419-628-2822.

Saint Augustine Parish Cemetery Fee Schedule

  Parishioner Rate when
Cemetery Dues are Current
Non-Parishioner or Parishioner
not current on Cemetery Dues
Perpetual Care Fee (per person) N/A $500
Lot (2 graves) $650 $1300
Grave (1 grave) $325 $650
Opening and Closing of Grave $400 $400
Cremation $200 $300
Infant Burial* N/A N/A
Disinterment $1500 $1500

*Infant Burial fee includes the cost of the opening and closing of the infant grave when buried in the infant section of Saint Augustine Cemetery.

The Perpetual Care Fee:

Is assessed at the time of burial to each person who is a non-parishioner or a parishioner who is not current on their annual Cemetery Dues. Cemetery Dues are $10.00 per adult over the age of 25.  In order to be current, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Paid annual cemetery dues of $10.00 per year for a minimum of 10 consecutive years leading up to the time of death.
  2. Living in a senior care facility and have paid annual cemetery dues for a minimum of 10 consecutive years leading up to the time of placement in senior care facility.  

Additional Cemetery Requirements:

•  Burials Monday through Friday must be at the cemetery no later than 3pm. Burials after 3pm will be charged an additional $50.00 per hour.

•  Burials Saturday after 12:00 will be charged an additional fee of $1500.00.

•  Burials Sunday are not permitted.

•  Foundations are $15.00 per cubic foot, with a minimum fee of $30.00.  The foundation fees are collected by the monument company and remitted to St. Augustine Cemetery Fund.  Deadlines for foundation orders are April 15 and September 15 respectively.

Visiting Regulations:

In order to maintain a level of care, that our lot holders deserve, St. Augustine Cemetery asks that you follow these regulations:

•  All grave floral arrangements are to be in vases, saddles, or garland on the monuments. Glass or pottery containers on the grass are prohibited. Decorating the area surrounding the monument with toys, stuffed animals, shepherd hooks, bird feeders, etc. is not permitted. This is to prevent these items from blocking or being caught or thrown from mowing equipment.

•  The cemetery is not responsible for the theft, disappearance, or wildlife damage to any floral arrangements or other decorations and reserves the right to remove any decoration that does not comply with regulations.

•  St. Augustine’s Cemetery visiting hours are from dawn to dusk. We ask that when you visit your loved ones, that you drive slowly through the cemetery, to insure the safety of other visitors.


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