9-12 PSR



Freshman Religious Education

The freshmen study from the Chosen curriculum from Ascension Press. This curriculum aims to awaken a sense in students that God is great enough to answer the deepest desires of their hearts, and that he wants to do so. It also helps them to realize that in Baptism and Confirmation they are chosen by God to be his disciples and helps them to know how to respond to that call.

Sophomore Religious Education

The first semester the sophomores study from the Chosen curriculum from Ascension Press. This is a continuation of their education as freshmen as they prepare more immediately for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Second semester the sophomores dive into the You curriculum, also from Ascension Press. This curriculum is subtitled “Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body.” It aims to give the students a deeper understanding of the beauty of God’s creation in the context of their own bodies and discovering who God has created them to be. This perspective of valuing the human person, body and soul, serves as a foundation for a deeper understanding of the Christian life: proper care for oneself, charity towards others, and loving gratitude to God.

Junior & Senior FaithFire

Juniors and Seniors learn in a seminar rather than a lecture format. They have the opportunity to take part in small group and large group discussions on a wide variety of subjects, including some “hot topics.” These subjects range from the Order of the Mass to Contraception and Capital Punishment. The purpose of this, which is reflected in the name "FaithFire," is to allow students to explore the "why?" behind Catholic teaching, prompting them to take ownership of their faith and be on fire for Christ!



Freshman Religious Education

  • Stacie Lamm
  • Matt McDermitt
  • Deb Wenning

Sophomore Religious Education

  • Lisa Heid
  • Jenni Francis
  • Brittany Howe

Junior & Senior FaithFire

  • Nick Rentz
  • Monica Spieles
  • Brandon Koverman
  • Julia Slonkosky