“Music plays a very important part in a wedding, as it does in every liturgy. Its primary role is to help members of the assembly join themselves with the action of Christ and to express their faith. Singing a text expresses a dimension of meaning and feeling that spoken words alone cannot. Music has been an integral part of the liturgy since the early days of the Church – specifically, singing. In fact, the human voice is considered the primary musical instrument for the liturgy. In singing the liturgy, we join our voices with the voice of Christ to offer a song of praise to God the Father. In the liturgy we encounter Christ in symbols, and can recognize the presence of Christ when the Church prays and sings. So, the musical choice you make can really have an impact on the way the assembly celebrates at your wedding liturgy.” (1)

        (1) And the Two Shall Become One: A Wedding Liturgy Planning Guide for Couples, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 10.

Preparations for the music for weddings at St. Augustine is done with Jared Post, the Director of Music. See the St. Augustine Wedding Guidelines document (located below) for more specific details regarding music placement, limitations, and fees.