Anointing of the Sick

This sacrament reminds us that Jesus is with us to comfort us, to strengthen us, and to heal us. The Anointing of the Sick was once known as the sacrament of Extreme Unction, reserved for those who were close to death. The sacrament still contains the beautiful liturgy and rituals for those who are close to death, including a final Communion known as Viaticum.

Those parishioners weakened by age, afflicted by a serious illness or preparing for a serious operation should receive this sacrament. If you would like to be anointed, please call 419-628-2614 to schedule. In the event of emergency, please stop by the rectory. If after business hours, please ring the doorbell for priest to answer the door.

St. Augustine Catholic Church also offers an Anointing of the Sick Mass in the spring and again in the fall.