Being a cantor involves much more than standing up and singing alone.

Being a cantor involves making the congregation's prayer possible through song. The cantor has the responsibility to lead the congregation in song and inviting the assembly to join voices in hymns used throughout the Mass. The cantor is also charged with leading the Responsorial Psalm between the Old and New Testament readings, the Gospel Acclamation, and other proclamations, such as parts of the Gloria. Cantors at St. Augustine provide singing leadership at Masses in which the various choirs of the parish are not singing.

The requirements to be a successful cantor must include a strongĀ singing voice, and the ability to encourage the congregation to join in the songs. If you are interested in becoming a cantor, please contact the Director of Music, Jared Post. A time will be set up to discuss your participation and the expectations of this important position in the Liturgy.