"As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so the whole world in which we live." - St. John Paul II




Kindergarten:  Deb Knapke, Bonnie Trzaska, Brittany Howe

1st grade:  April Hanson, Brad Axe, Kathy Dues

2nd grade:  Therese Brown, Cara Meyer, Jenn Steinke

3rd grade:  Marcella Travis, Kara Danaher, Allison Hess

4th grade:  Amy Bergman, Lynda Mullins, Linda Kitzmiller

5th grade: Therese Brown, Jackie Huwer, Evan Mescher

6th grade:  Stacie Lamm, Laura Becker

7th grade: Tara Berning, Theresa Thien, Kate Hemmelgarn

8th grade:  Deb Meyer, Cassie Francis, Adam Vanderhorst

Coordinator of Religious Education K-8 - Jacob Kleinhenz - crek8@staugie.com  419-628-3434




Beginning September 2, 2020

K & 2:  Thursdays, 1:55pm - 2:55pm
3-6:  Wednesdays, 8:40am - 9:40am
7-8:  Wednesdays, 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Kindergarten, 1st & 3rd Grades:  will be from Pflaum Publishing. Pflaum Gospel Weeklies is a Lectionary based Faith Formation Program, connecting weekly lessons content from Sunday's Gospel.

2nd Grade:  Will experience a newer curriculum from Dynamic Catholic called BLESSED.

4th - 8th Grades:  Will use Loyola Press FINDING GOD PSR program. This is a theme based program.


Little Flowers

Blue Knights